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Research-informed therapy for individuals, couples, and families

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My Approach to Therapy

As a licensed marriage and family therapist I am informed by a relational, systemic perspective and specialize in treating clients in the context of their relationships. I believe all our problems are relational – the ways we communicate, the ways we interact, the ways we cope – we are wired to connect! In therapy, I use research-informed interventions to create new experiences for clients to gain a deeper understanding of the issues they bring into therapy and use this to transform their ways of interacting.



In order to make therapy more accessible, therapy services are offered virtually using a HIPAA-compliant video therapy platform. Teletherapy has been shown to be as effective as in-person meetings. Specific details regarding the use of technology in therapy will be discussed before beginning treatment.

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Guidance - Every Step of the Way

Therapy Services

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Couples Therapy

I can help you at any point in your relational journey with your partners: as you start a new phase of your relationship, as you worth through new or ongoing struggles, or through the process of separation and divorce