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Selected Journal Publications

Gebel, G., & Diamond, R. (2022). The role of medical family therapists in reproductive healthcare settings serving gender diverse patients: A reproductive justice approach. International Journal of Systemic Therapy, 33(4), 276-296.

Diamond, R.M., & Parker, M.L. (2022). Overcoming barriers to collaborative health care: A phenomenological study of medical providers. Practice Innovations, 7(1), 53-63.

Parker, M.L., Diamond, R.M, Ledermann, T., & Tambling, R. (2022). The beginning of the end: A revised inventory of divorce initiation. Family Relations, 71(4), 1619-1636.

Diamond, R.M., & Colaianni, A. (2022). The impact of perinatal healthcare changes on birth trauma during COVID-19. Women and Birth, 35(5), P503-510.

Diamond, R.M., Brown, K.S., & Miranda, J. (2020). Impact of COVID-19 on the perinatal period through a biopsychosocial systemic framework. Contemporary Family Therapy, 42(3), 205-216.

Diamond, R. M., & Chou, J. L. (2021). Invisible loss: A Delphi approach to develop a term for individuals who experienced perinatal loss. Journal of Feminist Family Therapy, 33(1), 81-100.

Diamond, R.M., & Roose, R. E. (2016). Development and evaluation of a peer support program for parents facing perinatal loss. Nursing for Women’s Health, 20(2). 146-156.

Psychology Today Blog: Preparing for Parenthood

Click below to see my featured blog on the popular website Psychology Today. Blog posts cover a range of topics supporting new parents’ relational and mental health during pregnancy and postpartum.

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