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Published Research

Below are select publications from my scholarship

Research: Resources
Open Textbook in Library

An application of Ecostructural family therapy for maternal substance use.

Journal of Systemic Therapies

Invisible loss: A Delphi approach to develop a term for individuals who experienced perinatal loss.

Journal of Feminist Family Therapy

Impact of COVID-19 on the perinatal period through a biopsychosocial systemic framework

Contemporary Family Therapy

Development of the Divorce Initiation Inventory

Contemporary Family Therapy

Introducing client feedback into marriage and family therapy supervision

Journal of Family Therapy

Attachment and relationship satisfaction among first married, remarried, and post-divorce relationships

Journal of Family Therapy

Got trust? A mixed-method consideration of how past relationships influence perceptions of trust

Journal of Divorce & Remarriage

Development and evaluation of a peer support program for parents facing perinatal loss

Nursing for Women’s Health

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